7 Ways To Earn Money As A Web Developer In 2021

7 ways to earn money as a web developer in 2021

1. Job

Ya, it is the most obvious and common way to start working as a web developer in an IT company or some tech-related company/startup. But the question is that from where to find a job, it’s simple to get it from the job section of LinkedIn or from some of the websites like Naukri.com.

Just go and search right job for you but here is one hurdle that is you need to give an interview for that best of luck. Also, you can find a job locally by just asking your seniors or try to get a referral from them.

2. Freelancing

It’s common for developers to go the freelance route, The idea of freelancing is also appealing to those who would like to make extra money even though they’re already working a dev job.

So how would you start as a freelancer, listen first there are two types of freelancer one who works freelancing job on the website like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, etc and another one pickup project through contacts that is offline or just showing there skills set.

Now it’s on you which path you want to choose let me tell you the pros and cons of both side.

TipWhether you do offline or online freelancing you should have your own website where you will showcase your skills and project.

Online Freelancing
Offline freelancing

3. Web Consultancy Service

Now, what is web consultancy lets understand most of the time client do not approach directly to the developer they first sit with a web consultant and discuss the minimum and maximum cost of the project that can be possible they discuss all the tool, paid service and technology which is going to be used in the project this give clarity of idea.

Also, most of the time junior developers or newbie freelancers hire web consultants for their projects.

Most web consultants charge per hour for their service but if you are just starting you can go free just use the phrase get 30-minute free web consultancy service.

4. Sell Products

You are reading this because you know web devlopmet so you can create your own e-commerce store for selling some local product or just start your own dropshipping( Dropshipping is a streamlined form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock ) website you can develop by your own or you can use a platform like Shopify / WordPress.

Now choosing this path can be hard for you because you need to learn two more skills that are SEO and SEM i.e search engine marketing.

But talking honestly this will take some time because you will only able to sell products when you will start ranking on google’s first page for a specific keyword. And this will take around 1-3 months.

Point to remember you need to be niche specific.

5. Teaching

Teaching is one of the most respected jobs. So why cannot start teaching to students or just guide them in their journey of development.  As of now, you are a developer you have gone through all the pain and hardship in the journey of developer so who knows better than you.

There are many sites where you can teach programming to students some of them are Wyzant, TakeLessons, Code Mentor. Also if you want to teach coding to the children’s you can apply in White Hat Junior, techie, etc.

In case if you are interested in making a course and selling it on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera. If you belongs to a place like India then you can start your own coaching center for teaching web and app development.

6. Business

Why you not start a business you know all the tech expects only you need idea and team.

One of the very general ideas is to start your own IT company, most of my friends choose this path and if you have enough courage to solve the problem of real-world start a startup.

Of course, this is one of the toughest paths but if you have qualities like leadership, management, communication, and brave to take the risk this is for you.

7. Content Creation

This one is my favorite. Learning skills than creating content out of that is one of the best ideas that you can follow nowadays due to access to the internet and technology you can easily create content on YouTube and google.


If you are frank with others and can face the camera then this is the best platform for you here you can share your story and the journey you can talk about how you overcome difficulties, problems, decisions, etc also, you can make courses on youtube. You can earn from Adsense and branding deals.


If you are not camera facing person then you can write a tech blog and publish it on google for this you can choose platforms like medium, blogger, WordPress, or make one for you. Here Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense will be the best source of income.

I would say doing the last one will cover all let me explain to you how if you are a good content creator and have good engagement with the audience will give you more reach and your viewer can be your client, you can easily get the job because your videos are a reflection of your knowledge. And in the future, this YouTube channel can be your next business.


Hope you understand the 7 ways to earn money as a web developer in 2021. Don’t forget to tell us in the comment if you know another way to earn money. 

Happy New Year To All

Keep learning keep smiling.

Adarsh Kushwaha

Hey myself Adarsh Kushwaha I love to write content on marketing and SEO also I am an enthusiastic educator I have more than three years of experience. Currently, I am a web developer & content writer at Verstile.

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