Digital Marketing Strategy For Educational Institute

Digital Marketing Strategy For Educational Institute

Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Educational Institute


Digital Marketing Strategy For Educational Institute

In this new era, to create a digital marketing strategy for your educational institute by own a very complex task but not impossible. 

The focus of higher education is transforming from theoretical to practical knowledge and skills of students. Job demands are also changing with respect to time, Demand for Skilled Students are very high in Corporate or in the business sector. 

These skills can only teach by universities, colleges, and educational institutes.

Due to the expanding of the technology, there are so many opportunities and quality courses are available for students to learn new skills and gain lots of knowledge in their respective industry.

That’s why most of the educational institutes are offering the most innovative, exciting, and practical courses for millions of millions of students who wants to aspire to fulfill these job roles.

Why digital marketing

More than 85% of students use technology as a source of lots of information, create projects, and learn new skills. The Younger Generation spends lots of time on the internet not only for entertainment even for study as well.

in this digital age, the educational institute needs to leverage their digital marketing strategies to build your institute as a brand in the education industry. 

You can build your online presence, create yourself as a brand that students, parents, professors, and industry experts would want to be a part of. 

By using digital marketing, you can attract students locally as well as globally and build your authority in your industry and you can stand out from the competitions.

Say anything but creating effective digital marketing strategies is a very difficult and complicated task, especially for educational institutes. 

That’s why here we are describing all the important points which you have to be considered to create your marketing strategy.

Before implementing any digital marketing strategy, you have to decide your goals. Your goals can be increasing followers on social media, increasing admissions, or generate leads or #1 Ranked Educational Institute on Google search results. You can achieve all of these goals using a digital marketing strategy in the proper way of implementation of the strategy. However, you must have to decide your goal first for your digital marketing campaigns.

Some common strategy of digital marketing

  1. Increasing Your Followers – To increasing the followers on your social media channels you have to solve queries of students, share tips and tricks to crack placements. You can host webinars or seminars of your alumni or professors on different topics.

  1. Increasing Admission or Generate Leads – To increasing the admissions for your institute you have to be loyal and honest towards your audience. Create a Tour of your college campus, share your college activities, and review videos of students with your followers.

  1. #1 Ranked on Google – Ranked Top in Google search result is very difficult at the initial stage for universities. You have to create a powerful content strategy; this is the only method to rank on google search results. Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford are an example of the best content strategy in Digital Marketing.

Know your target audience

To create a successful Digital Marketing Strategy, first, you have to know what is your targeted audience. For educational institutes, they can be students, alumni, professors, researchers, recruiters, and industry experts.

 You need to collect various types of data about your audience like their age group, location, interest, and other factors. You can research what other colleges or educational institutes are searching for in the audience.

 After the selection of your targeted audience, you can select your social media channels, like students may respond on social media, professional may respond to blogs and Linkedin.

 Hence After the selection of the right audience, you can maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.

Importance to know your targeted audience –

  1. It ensures that you are creating the right content for the right peoples.
  2. It creates a better understanding of how to create content that connects the benefits to reader needs.
  3. It increases conversions.

Research Your Competitor

You know very well that your future students, professors, and recruiters are already looking for educational institutes before investing their money and time also. Multiple Colleges are available who are offering the same type of course and facility, which increases the competition in the education sector. Due to High Competition, so many educational institutes are using digital marketing to stand out from the competition.

For analysis of your competitors, you can use the SWOT Analysis technic, which is already using by so many business owners. SWOT analysis is a very simple and effective method to analyze the competitors.

  1. Strength – You have to analyze the strength of your educational institute like campus, facility as compared to your competitors.

  1. Weakness – Analyze what is the weakness of your institute, for which reasons you are lacking in the competition. And compare it with your competitors.

  1. Opportunities – Well covered campus, good housekeeping services, security, courses by experienced professors, best recruitments, proper guidance can be the opportunities of your institute.

  1. Threats – Your threats can be your competitors, negative media coverage by you and others, and changing the rules and regulations.

Choose the best social media marketing from channel

If you are just starting your marketing strategy and even if you have amazing products, services, or offers for your targeted audience but you are not getting it in front of the right people, you are dead in marketing.

 But the good news is that with the right marketing channels, you can market to your consumers with the right message at the right time.

Among the so many social media channels out there (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Medium), it is important to pick some social media channels that will work the hardest for you.

A good social media marketing starts with placing strategically based bets on a few social media channels where your audience is most likely to see your message AND take action (like, share, admission, comment, sign up, review).

Best Social Media Marketing Channels for Educational Institute –

  • Facebook – almost 71% of Indians Facebook users between 18 and 34 years old are active Facebook users. (Source by
  • Instagram – In 2018, People aged 18 to 24 were the largest user group (34 900 000). (Source by
  • YouTube – YouTube says India is now both its biggest audience and one of its fastest-growing audiences in the world.

In the past year, YouTube’s consumption on mobile has increased to 85% (Source by

  • Quora and Blogs both are the most effective social media channels, which will help you to grow fast in your industry.

Create or curate your content

If your institute is not brand yet, so content marketing is a very powerful method to become a brand if you use it correctly. 

Apart from it, you can gain the trust of your audience. Though it will take some time, you have to be consistent towards it, but yes you will have a better chance to connect with your targeted audience.

Before we jump on How to create or curate content, let us understand what is content and types of content. 

The content helps for the promotion of your educational institute. There are numerous types of content like blogs, images or photos, infographics, videos, podcasts, animation, ppt, ebooks, etc.

Important points to create or curate contents

  1. Select Topics – Go to different Social Media Platforms, QnA sites like quora and answer the public and find queries related to your industry. Select any one topic on which you have great knowledge.
  1. Do Research on that topic – Research on topic helps you to create informative content like blogs, videos, etc. Why research is important? Because if any information provides by you and if it is invalid so you will lose your trust of your audience. Some of the topics contain facts and statistics, personal stories, case studies. You could easily find such information by searching for your targeted keywords.

One important thing that you have to always keep in mind is that you should always take a reference or any kind of data from trusted and authority websites otherwise your data will be considered invalid.

  1. Create a Structure – Now it’s time to create the actual content. Keep your researched data ready but do not start writing directly. Create a skeleton of your content, before start writing anything. Creating a structure will help you to be on the track.

A basic structure of any content should have four parts. First is the Introduction, which will give a brief idea about your content. Second is the main body, which will encompass the whole topic in detail. The third is the conclusion, that makes your article complete. And last but not least is Call to Action, which will compel the reader to some action.

  1. Write and Edit Content – Now you can actually start the writing of your blog. The good thing about making a structure or skeleton of a blog is that you don’t need to write your content from scratch. you can write any part of your blog or content first. Do not write any content for the crowd it will not help you, always keep in mind that you have to write with one person.

Once you finish your content leave it alone for some time. After some time come back and read your content, it will give you a fresh eye to check your content that is it good or not

Promote Your Content

We create user-friendly content to share it with our audience. Well-planned content promotion marketing helps the educational institutes to reach more and more targeted audiences.

If you want your content to serve its purpose and drive marketing goals for your educational institute, you need to be proactive with your content promotion.

Here we described two points to be considered at the time of promotion of your content.

  1. Start Promoting when you publish your content –

Promotion should begin the day when your content goes live. Your audiences need to know that something new has been put up by your college for their viewing. Start with the people who are already aware of your content and send out messages and emails to your followers.

Use Different Social Media Platforms which suitable for you to promote your content with eye-catchy captions. Use proper hashtags to get a better reach. Ask your staff and students to repost or retweet your content, it will give you an opportunity to reach your potential audience.

  1. Continuity is Important –

Make sure your content should not stop to publish especially when you are new to this strategy. Because every platform wants its user to proactive. If you create and promote your content on a regular basis you can leverage engagement on your post with your audience

Make your success matrix

After the implementation of a digital marketing strategy, you need to measure the different types of matrices, which will give you the success rate of your digital marketing strategy. With the help of the right matrices, you can decide whether your current marketing strategy is right or wrong. For this purpose, you need to monitor consistently the matrices.

Website Metrics These metrics help you to measure the relationship between you and your audience that comes from google. For these, monitor the below metrics carefully –

  1. Page Visit – The total number of visits from different pages in a specific time period.
  2. Average Visit Duration – It helps you to analyze how much time your visitor spends on your website.
  3. Return Visit – The total number of visitors who visit your website again.
  4. Bounce Rate – These metrics enable you to analyze the percentage of users who visit your website and leave immediately

Social Media Metrics These metrics help you to measure the distribution and influence of your content on social media platforms. The following metrics you should have to check –

  1. Social Media Share – Content share on different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  2. Comments – Comments on your social media posts, they help you to get direct feedback from your audience.
  3. Likes – Likes helps you to check how many followers appreciate your work on social media.

Make your success matrix

  1. Always Find Something New – Digital Marketing is not a one-time thing, once you start it you should keep it going. Otherwise, you could lose your audience. Always read more and more about your industry and write down your ideas when you read or hear.

  1. Build You Own Style – There are so many educational institutes which also add values to their prospective audience. If you want to stand out, then don’t do copy-paste. Build Your own style, theme, fonts. Do not change it frequently.

  1. Always Have Bottom Line – If you are planning to be creative, just keep one thing in mind, don’t confused your audience. Let’s suppose if you are talking about techfest of your college, then stick to talking about that event rather than talking about your institute more.

  1. Choose Quality over Quantity – In content marketing for educational institutes, there long form and short form contents are good option to opt for. Long form content like blogs, articles gives you more word limit to convey your message while short form content like social media posts helps you to precisely deliver your message. Which ever form you use, ensure that the quality of the content should good.

After reading this blog, you might have realized that to create a digital marketing strategy for your educational institute by own is not an easy nut to crack. You can easily notice how many problems are involved in the process. Hence, outsourcing digital marketing to a established digital marketing agency is always a feasible solution.