How to become WordPress developer in 2021

How to become WordPress developer in 2021

Why to learn wordpress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system powering 34% of all websites on the internet. On top of that: WordPress has a 60.8% market share in the CMS market. WordPress powers 14.7% of the world’s top websites.

Most Notable Big Name Brands that are Using WordPress
  1. TechCrunch.
  2. The New Yorker.
  3. BBC America.
  4. Bloomberg Professional.
  5. The Official Star Wars Blog.
  6. Variety.
  7. Sony Music.
  8. MTV News.
Top brand

So in my opinion this much data is enough to convince you WordPress is a giant and if you are interested you can become wordpress developer.

1. Learn Basics

Before you start installing WordPress wait first you should learn some basics of formatting and styling just go through the HTML and CSS learn about different tags especially heading tags, fonts, div, class, ids, the structure of webpage mainly width, and height.

Also learn some basics of CSS like margin, padding, properties, typography, and some other stuff this will help you a lot when you will do customization in WordPress.

Source To Learn Apna College


  • Header
  • Footer
  • Body
  • Sidebar
  • p, div, h1, b
  • Navbar
  • Class & Id’s
  • Width and height


  • Fonts
  • Typography
  • Margin and padding
  • Properties
  • Display
  • #code

2. Just Download the WordPress

Now it’s time to download or install WordPress and learn how to install WordPress from hosting c-panel also learn how to set up a WordPress development environment locally.

If you are uploading wordpress in the hosting c-panel then remember most of the hosting providers you one-click wordpress installation and here I am recommending you some of the best hosting services that you must take if you are a beginner.

3. Make your first site

It’s time to learn all the basic customization of WordPress and making a website is the best way to understand all features. 

Learn WordPress in just 5 steps
  1. Install the free theme from WordPress and remember it should have maximum free features, so here I will recommend Ocean WP theme one of the best themes that I used for my most of blogs.
  2. Add Some plugins that are essential for your blogs like Elementor, Contact Form, and some other default plugins that come with the Ocean WP theme.
  3. Remember do not import the template from the theme demo just make the whole site with your own. Or go through this video to learn more – video source
  4. Go to the theme customization and just set the header, page, blog, footer style also set up the menubar, topbar, and also check the mobile responsiveness.
  5. Now learn the one of the most famous editor Elementor also learn the Gutenberg. Try out to make the pages using Elementor and also write your first blog using Gutenberg.

4. Learn about some powerful plugins

In WordPress there are mare than 50,000 plugins but there is no need to learn about all of them only you need to learn about the 5 plugins.

List of 5 plugins
  1. Woo-commerce
  2. Contact Form 7 / Ninja Form
  3. Yoast SEO/Rank Maths SEO
  4. Updraft
  5. Elementor

Also, learn how to integrate website with google services like analytics, console, adsense. 

5. Understanding WordPress Structure

Now its time to learn how WordPress work, go through the documentation of WordPress, and read how WordPress template hierarchy works as shown in the figure, but also you should know some basics of PHP that will help you to understand code (Video Source)

Things to learn from WordPress documentation

Template Hierarchy

Folder and file structure

Theme Functionality

Database Description Table

WordPress Rest API

It is good to make notes of all topic separately this will help you when you are going through theme development.

6. Learning Theme development

Ok, now you know how to work on WordPress, how WordPress works, and the structure of WordPress. Now for theme development, you have two paths, first download HTML, CSS, JS made website template and convert it into WordPress theme or make your own website and convert it into WordPress theme.

I choose to go with the second one, but this path is long and it will take time because first, you need to learn HTML & CSS and then JavaScript which is the programming language but believe me this is worth it.

Now talking about WordPress theme development for this you can learn by yourself but here I will recommend you one of my favorite course which I followed when I was in my initial learning stage.

Try to make these Themes
  • Portfolio
  • Blogging
  • Ecommerce
  • Event Type
  • Booking

7. Plugin Development

You have sharpened your skills with wordpress theme development now it is the time to make a custom plugin for wordpress. There are more than 50000 plugins in wordpress but then also plugin with specific functions is not present in wordpress library.

So make your own custom WordPress plugin this skill will also help you in the future.

8. Contribute to WordPress

WordPress is a user-driven project, and all developments and enhancements depend on users like you! Please consider contributing to the project and the WordPress Community in one or more of the ways outlined below. Contributions from users like you keep the project vibrant, alive, and on the path of progress.

Whether you’re a budding developer, a pixel-perfect designer, or just like helping out, this will also help to improve your resume. Visit

9. Know about Marketplace

WordPress is one of the best ecosystems where developers, users, distributors, and platform are dependent on one another. So keep knowledge of what’s going trending in the WordPress community what difficulties did user-facing and how you can improve it.

Learn how GPL themes work and how it will be helpful for you. Know about nulled themes and plugins, how to sell custom made theme and plugins on Envato market just go through the documentation to know more – Source

10. Earn Money

Now you have encountered the question of how to become WordPress developer in 2021 and after that everyone wants to earn money so now there are two ways either go for a job or start your own business but wait it is 2021 and there are many ways to earn money which I am going to tell you in the next blog.

So please tell us in the comment how was the blog and how will you follow this roadmap to achieve success.

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