MiBi service private limited

MiBi service private limited

MiBi Service Project Case Study



PHP, JS, WordPress, SQL


Job Portal Site

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$150 – $200


25 August 2020 to 5 September 2020


MiBi are dedicated to serving both the worker and the recruiter. It is a platform dedicated to protecting the rights of the laborers who might be exploited because their work is not considered to be in the organized sector. It is dedicated to bring the so-called unskilled labor to the same status as any skilled labor and make their contribution to the economy count.

mibi service

Our Approach

Required Features

– Login Sign up

– OTP Verification

– Job seeker dashboard

– Customer dashboard

– Chat Bot

– Blog page


– Designing user-friendly UI

– Multilingual setup

– User-friendly backend

– Easy login and signup process

– Job locator using google map API

– Website Optimized

mibi service


Initially, we decided to build a web application using python but MiBi wanted it to be in WordPress and which in my opinion is a smart choice for any startup. So we all decided to use WordPress as it is the best CMS in the world right now. 

Now it is the time to choose best hosting for the website as it is the startup and they do not have a huge budget so we recommended hostinger which is the best cheap hosting and the best thing is that they got a free domain name.

So server part is done and now we decided to buy the best theme for mibi service and ofcourse, we have chosen Envato market for that and I suggest them to buy GPL theme so in future they have a license to sell the theme legally.

Now the selling part is done and it is time to customize the theme and add the snippet of code to have some extra features and also integrating site to console, SEO, analytics.


Fonts – We decided to use Poppins font for H1, H2, H3 and H4 and for body-text  Raleway font.

Colours – mostly we used #fbb03b, #292826, #3d3d3d

mibi colours

Slider Revolution – We use this plugin which is made on the redux framework and quite interesting to work on it.

Editor – Gutenberg editor with stackable extension.

Snippet – Used some external code for adding extra features like social login, OTP verification, Chatbot and few others. 


Okay, now we have to admit there are some mistakes and carelessness from both the end.

+ Data which is needed built website is not provided at the right time due to which there was a delay in the project.

+ Map integration was not successful due to unavailability of the credit card.

+ Payment integration was also not set up due to unavailability of visa card.

+ Some problem with logo and icons

Overcoming to failure

It is time to overcome 

+ We notice all problem and started to resolve them one by one.

+ Provided a video tutorial of map integration setup.

+ Collected all the content and try to fix everything.

+ Full website tour was given frontend as well as backend.



+ Got ranked on google within a day on keyword mibi service.

+ Easy to Signup Process with OTP verification

+ Attractive landing page with multilingual touch.

+ Ajax search with various filter.

+ Easy to post job and register.


+ Listed as an incubated company at IIT Indore

+ Over 150+ people getting benefit from mibi service.

+ Soon got partners.


Wishing great future ahead to mibi service this all is possible due to your hard work and the unique idea behind the startup.

Overall Rating



  • Adarsh Kushwaha: Web Developer
  • Ritik Chourasiya: Project Manager
  • Mohit Vishwakarma: Web Developer
  • Rishit: Content Designer


If you are quite interested in our presentation and case study and wanted our team will work for you in future just contact us and be in touch.

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