How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy for an Educational Institute

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy for an Educational Institute

Social media marketing strategy for an educational institute


As an institute owner, you already that there is a high potential in social media marketing. Social Media Marketing is a great way to raise your institute’s profile, drive admissions, and boost the engagement of students, professors, and industry experts.

Whether you have a huge amount of budget or a low amount of budget for your social media marketing, it is important to spend it right.

That’s why there are so many educational institutes are there to creating a social media marketing strategy for an educational institute. Through this blog post, an educational institute can learn all about social media marketing and how to create it by own.

What is social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is like a vision and mission of what you plan to achieve through your social media marketing. In simple language, it contains goals and objectives to be achieved through social media efforts on different social media platforms.

The goals and objectives could be lead generation for admission purpose, brand awareness, stand out from industry competition.

A social media strategy would include a properly listed of your social media activities along with the desired campaign objective for each and every activity and the budget allocated for the same. It helps you to integrate all your social media scheduling and monitoring.

This should start with an assessment of your current position or you can say the current status on your social media platforms like your strength and weakness, engagements on your posts, and reviews.

Next, identify your goals and objectives to be achieved in the future and choose the platforms and tools for reaching there. The goals and objectives of your campaign should be specific, practical, and more important measurable.

Steps to become a master in social media marketing

Step – 1 :- Decide Your Goals and Objectives as per you Unique Selling Proposition (USPs)

Clearly defined goals and objectives allow you to create great social media marketing campaigns. without setting proper goals and objectives you can never track your social media return on investment (ROI).

Make sure that your social media marketing campaign is according to your goals and objectives. By doing so it becomes easy to top with your efforts.

Your goals and objectives could be leads generated, web referrals, conversion rate, and increase in follower base.

Keep your audience in your mind while writing the marketing plan.

Step – 2 : Choose The Network That Suits You

To maintain your online presence you don’t need to present everywhere. Choose the right social media platforms that suit your targeted audience.

If you are starting from scratch so create your profile first on Instagram and Facebook. According to ASMA Report, Facebook is the most preferred social media platform using by students.

If you already created your social media profiles on different platforms, so make sure you optimized it to meet your goals and objectives. You can contact Verstile( service page link ) to optimize your social media account.

Optimization of your social media profiles helps you to increase your visibility on platforms. To increase your reach, you can do cross-promotion of your social media accounts.

Step – 3: Create Social Media Content Calendar

Having great content and promote it at right time is an essential key to success in social media marketing.

Your content calendar should be based on the following points

  1. Theme that will be used for promotion
  2. Choose the right platform for your audience
  3. Frequency of content posting
  4. Creation of content
  5. Platform-wise scheduling for promotion

Social Media Content Calendar is the perfect tool to organize and monitor all your social media marketing efforts.

Step – 4: Evaluate Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Whether your social media marketing plan is producing the desired result according to your goal or not, the changes that need to make for your social media marketing plan is right or not, evaluation of that is necessary. Here are a few ways to doing it –

  1. Track the clicks on your links gets on a particular platform using URL Shorteners like or
  2. Use insights available on different social media platforms to track your success and reach your social media campaigns.
  3. Monitor traffic on your website by social media platforms using Google Analytics.
  4. Analyze what is working for you and what is not and then make changes accordingly. This is important to measure your return on investment on social media platforms.
  5. Compile your reports for future reference.

All the above-mentioned points will really help you to calculate return on investment on social media.


These were just some important social media marketing strategies for promoting your educational institute and magnifying student interactions on different social media. To find which tips work best for your educational institute, you simply need to try them out and see what works.