5 WordPress Pros And Cons

5 WordPress Pros And Cons

Let Counter WordPress Pros And Cons

You may have heard that WordPress is the most popular website builder platform, but maybe you aren’t sure if WordPress is the right choice for you.

Because we all know in this world nothing is 100% perfect all have some best quality and some have the worst quality.

Also, Unlike WixWeebly, or Squarespace, WordPress is actually 100% free. This is why if you searched for “WordPress review”, you would hardly find anything useful because bloggers often tend to write reviews for products that they earn a referral commission from.

To help you make the right business decision, we have created the ultimate WordPress software review with pros and cons of using WordPress, so you can decide if WordPress is the right choice for your website.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular site builder. It powers more than 35% of all websites on the internet, that’s millions of websites all over the world.

WordPress started as a simple blogging platform back in 2003. Since then it has evolved to become a content management system and an application development framework. In simple words, you can easily build any type of website using WordPress

WordPress Pros

The advantages of using WordPress to build your website deserve an entirely new article (See why you should use WordPress). Here is a summary of pros of using WordPress for your website.

  • WordPress is free and gives you complete control of your website. You own and control all your website files and data. You are not tied to a web hosting company and can move your website anywhere you want.
  • It gives you access to a huge collection of extensions, add-ons, and plugins to extend your website. This enormous access to professional applications allow you to make anything you want.
  • You are in charge of your website, so you can keep it simple and only add new features as your website grows. You can make your website super fast and use all the neat SEO best practices to bring new users.
  • Super easy to customize with thousands of website designs and templates to choose from. Each of them comes with different customization options, allowing you to create truly unique websites. Simply put, it makes website building easy.
  • Due to its popularity, almost all popular third-party tools already have integrations available for WordPress. So your email marketing software, lead generation tool, SEO tools, CRM software, and payment gateways will all work with WordPress.

WordPress Cons

WordPress is not perfect. It has some disadvantages that you may want to keep in mind when choosing your platform.

  • You are in charge of your website. This means you are also responsible for security, making backups, and installing updates. You can automate all these tasks, but they would still require your attention unless you’re using one of these managed WordPress hosting companies.
  • WordPress does not come with a built-in drag and drop website builder. It takes some time for most beginners to get familiar with it and learn the basics. However you can use one of the popular drag and drop page builder plugins for WordPress.
  • You do not need to learn coding to use WordPress. However, some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS will make things a lot easier. Most beginners acquire these basic skills as they use WordPress.
  • You need to buy web hosting to launch wordpress website.

Our Honest Opinion

100% we love wordpress for its exciting features actually most of the business uses WordPress as it is one of the best platforms our honest recommendation is,  you should also use WordPress for your blog or any website weather you are programmer or entrepreneur you should use ut once.

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